Develop a way that managers can show results on other websites

elCryptoNerd 9 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 1

Would it be possible to add tools so that a manager could embed their trades/results on another website?

For example Eric Choe has a subscription website www.cryptochoe.com where people pay to follow his trades,

If he or any other manager could link/sync their trading data from the Genesis Vision platform, to be displayed on their website, it would attract a great deal more managers to Genesis Vision, free marketing,

People like Eric Choe can tell his followers to subscribe on his website for $, or invest with him on the GV platform (Eric recieves good income for both options)

Under review

Manager/Investor Queue

buikematt 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

It would be useful to have a display/queue that shows where you are in line for investing in managers. Almost an "order book" but for signing up for an investment. 


Thank you for your suggestion. It is forwarded to the technical team.

Under review

Quality of life improvements : Settings menu.

Hudak E 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

I would like to see some Settings menu on MOBILE and WEB platform.

Some simple menu that should offer basic options like in many apps.

General settings :

Notifications (enable/disable, define type of notifications) Auto logout, PIN/Pattern/Fingerprint lock, maybe 2FactorAuthorization.

Appearance :

Manage text size, Night Mode, Colour/theme change

About :

Provide som info about creators, Contacts, FAQ, link for a webside, link for a bug reports, feedback etc... We also need Content policy, Privacy policy and User agreement.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment them i will add them to the list.

Under review

Quantstamp contract review

tabraham611 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 3

In the subreddit, there was a post about quantstamp reviewing the smartcontract that was made by you guys. According to quantstamp, the contract has 6 vulnerabilities.

link to subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/genesisvision/comments/8ac8qe/quantstamp_gvtoken_report/

link to quantamp test: https://quantstamp.com/public-reports/0x103c3A209da59d3E7C4A89307e66521e081CFDF0 

Under review

Platform should be more self explanatory

E.S 1 year ago in Other • updated by Hudak E 1 year ago 2

People should be able to understand the platform easily. Please consider adding notes or popups that explain little shtiks in the platform so they feel comfortable to invest their money. 



Thank you for your feedback. Your idea sounds great. We will definitely take it into consideration.

Under review

Customizable images for managers tokens

elCryptoNerd 8 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 2

Of course platform development is priority right now, 

But in the future (if its not already planned) it would be sweet if managers could customize the images for their tokens, would be a nice touch for a manager to build their reputation and profile

Under review

More info needed about managers

Marie 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 6

- their style of investing etc, needs to be more professional - I would't trust half of those with stupid pics and text. It should be bullet pointed with the same info for each one which can be easily read - for example - 

*Trading experience

*Trading style

*'why should you invest in me:

that sort of thing


Thank you for your kind recommendations.

We will consider expanding the settings and filling the manager's profile. Thank you for helping us to improve the platform!


Manager ETFs

JFG 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 11 months ago 1

Not sure if you are planning this or not, but I think it would be cool if when using the new ETF feature you could integrate manager tokens as well. I would personally like to buy ETFs of groups of managers so I could condense 5 or more really good managers into one token. 

Under review

Platform needs to be more Responsive

Mad3nCh1na 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

This is not related to any one specific function of the platform,  but overall the interaction between the investor and the platform needs to be much more responsive. We want to have immediate feedback on what is going to happen with our GVT or $$$. 

When we click something, or do something, we want to have immediate feedback. As a trust management platform, waiting for so long with out certainty what will happen does not add trust and credibility.

EVERYTHING that involves an investors $ or GVT, needs to be as fast and responsive as possible. Whether it is investment entry, profit distribution, or profit reporting.