Pending Time and Phone login and password

alex_donohue 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

How long does it take for a program to go through pending? Also can't seem to use the same login and password that I used on desktop for my phone app. 


Add a switch for volume based limits on trading and make this a searchable parameter for selecting managers

Ace 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

A concern of mine is exit scams. Such as someone creates a profile on an exchange which has a coin only traded there and is super low volume / worthless. They buy lots of this coin and then use their trading account to buy these tokens. GV holders are left holding the bag.

Verification (another feedback point already raised) helps prevent this with accountability but another solution would be an optional restriction on low volume markets. Traders should only be able to trade in markets which have a daily volume X% higher than their total portfolio where x% is a high number.

As the smaller markets have an ability to give better returns, this would be an optional switch to give investors and traders the choice to take on this additional risk but you could see if this has been enabled before choosing an investor. Not everyone wants crazy returns at high risk, outperforming a bank account over the year may be some peoples goals so being able to choose lower risk traders will be a bonus.

Under review


gulcan kılıç 7 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 months ago 1

1. The purchase and sale condition for the GM Genesis Market project must be made only with GVT coin. BTC-ETH. This is the GM that will make it special. People are opening the site and buying and selling with GVT None. Interesting and absurd. This creates distrust in the project. Do not misunderstand what I write, do not misunderstand me, do not misunderstand me.

2. The Genesis Vision BETA series is said to be alive in October 2018, but this time it will be BETA TEST, it will be a tournament, do not test, do not lose time, do not get tired in BETA series. Do not test like ALFA in BETA phase, end these tests beforehand. Our tools broker manager says there are 300 brokers, but 300 brokers do not have their voices where they are, these brokers must work as soon as possible and be included in the system.

Under review

Top level managers should have a cap of much more than 1,000,000

cryptowarrior 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 11 months ago 7

With a max of only 1,000,000, you would need thousands of top level managers for this platform to take off. max for a top level should be more on the terms of 100,000,000. 

People may come in with millions to invest and they are forced to split it between managers. 

Under review

Allow Managers to Accept More During Demo Period

giffen.derek 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 3

Why not during this demo period, allow the managers to accept a greater amount of investors? It would allow us as investors to see some positives on our side for now. I understand during full launch that who can take what will be limited, but it would be nice just now for a short period, for us to see our investments mostly get accepted rather than rejected waiting on a possible slot day after day. It'll give us a s investors something more to look forward to and watch, whilst allowing future potential managers to build up their trading stats and popularity. Allowing to just get invested will help a lot with investor confidence initially to see and feel from our end the results, before limiting managers to their set amounts


Your logo straight up sucks. Reboot. It screams "we basic bitches"

LongOnCrypto 9 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 9 months ago 1

logo bites dick for an unbelieveably awesome project. Join us in 2018, not 1995

Under review

Don't force close trades at end of period

ryan 11 months ago in Other • updated 11 months ago 5

really annoying to want to go long a few hours beyond end of period but platform force closes any open trades (whether loss or profit).

Is there an alternate solution?

Under review

Go live option?

connerharbin2013 11 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 2

where the manager can appear in real time on video, to their investors explains tactics, live trades, etc. just something more to help investors feel more comfortable with investing