Default view should sort based on start date of program instead of last week

vikashait 3 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 3

Currently if a investor looks at the portal he sees program sorted by last week profit by default which shows way less  profit for some program compare to their last week profit. 

Also I am not aware of any filter which sort program by start date of program. All programs are of diifferent durations. I am attaching a screenshot which show top program profit as 86% whereas last week profit shows only 23%.

I believe default sorting by start date of program will attract more newbie to invest in platform 

layout_design porfolio_tracker

Dashboard Revisions

cor mc 4 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

I put some thought into the things that bother me about the current dashboard and opted to just make a mockup. hope this is helpful... 


GVT should hire a User Experience (UX) teammember

torfinseth 4 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 4

While I appreciate the minimalist dashboard and think it is aesthetically pleasing , GVT really needs to hire someone for UX designing. There are a number of design features that have simple fixes. for example:

1) the mobile graphs of for managers have no context without axis, metrics, values

2) The token bars (which I appreciate the addition), need values and better distinction if a manager has no tokens or all of the tokens available.

3) Users need to be able to filter out long investment periods and managers who already have no tokens.

4) The online investor portal block graphs are ambiguous, and its not clear what the black line is associated with. 

5) Similar to Pinterest, the user falls into the trap of "abundance" where users are overwhelmed with potential managers and end up possibly picking a manager arbitrarily. 


My point being the team really needs someone who has knowledge in Human Computer Interaction to fix some of these issue. While it may be nice to get feedback from everyone on this website, a UX person can help with screen design and layout, usability issue, browsability, recoverability if users make errors, etc. The benefit of a UX teammember is that the investor platform would be more intuitive and designed for a larger population.


Detailed Information Page After Profit Distribution

Mad3nCh1na 3 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 2

After the end of the period when profits are distributed, I would like to see more information presented to the user. Such as management fee amount, success fee amount, gains net of fees, number of trades, equity distribution and much much more. 


App does not show USD value invested in a manager

GVT Bull 4 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

It currently only shows GVT value gained / lost, but USD might be more important to some users ( maybe have a global switch between USD and GVT wallet 'currency' )


Invested GVT tally error

giffen.derek 4 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 2

My counter on the right is showing 144gvt invested. How does this counter get its information? At no point have I had profits of 44gvt, as the 18gvt profits counter is correct. I think the counter is continually adding every time I open an investment, but is not subtracting the GVT amount off when I withdraw from a program. Last night I withdrew from 2 programs to see if the counter changed, and it has stayed constant. If this is intentionally done, it is very confusing for the investor. It is not accurate as to how many GVT there are invested in the programs. At the moment, the only true way to tell the value of your total holdings is to Take the portfolio value on the left which is in USD and add it to the total of uninvested GVT you see on your wallet page. I feel some work is needed to make is clearer. All an investor truly wants to see, Is what they have readily available to invest, what is invested and what returns their current investments have made. Tying the 3 headers you see on the dashboard doesn't portray this accurately enough. I don't have 144gvt invested, as at no point have I ever had 144gvt. The 18gvt profit I understand is a running total, but as I reinvest these profits, the profit total stays the same, regardless off whether the reinvested gvt make a loss. Essentially it is very difficult still to fully understand what I do and don't have profits wise and investment value. The only way I can tell is by the value of my wallet + the portfolio value, with the rest adding to the confusion. See photos for examples. I hope this makes sense, as I am trying to explain something that doesn't truly make sense to me in the first place. 

Under review

Add Invest button directly in each funds/follow/program row of dashboard

vikashait 1 year ago in A problem with the dashboard updated 1 year ago 2

Currently, to get the investment, user has to click program/fund/follow row or invest card which is against marketing, and converting leads to user strategy. You might lose the lead.

So make the invest button more visible, someone who is new no nothing about genesis vision platform might not even know that he can invest . Seeing the invest button right next to individual program/fund/follow will encourage him to take action and you might be able to convert leads better. The same pattern is implemented by many like lend etc.

you can also show "Invest button" on mouse hover of a row but generally, it is not recommended


Dear Client,

We would like to thank you for your interesting feedback, it would be transferred to the team for their review. However, we would like to notice, that we encourage investors to familiarize themselves with the statistics of programs and funds before investing.

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team.


Investor Dashboard UI Improvements

Vortex 3 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 2

I would really like to see some improvements to the UI of the Investor Dashboard

Currently there is not any flexibility in the Assets section. It would be nice to be able to have similar options as other pages; to be able to view programs/funds by week/month/custom dates.

Allow the subheadings to be clickable to be able to sort the program/funds via those columns (i.e. Profit, T. Left, Share, Value, Status).  

It would be nice to be able to select how many programs/funds are shown per page, so that we can expand to have all the programs/funds on one page if desired.


General profit metric

Ettore 3 years ago in A problem with the dashboard updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 2

You can see right now how much your investments are growing just taking single programs. Thus, if you watch program1 you’ll see its performance (related to the current period), and that’s the same for the others. There’s no average profit calculated among all the programs chosen by the investor. 

So my question is: Could you add a metric showing the profits based on all the programs’ performances? 

Or (another idea) in the screen showing the wallet could be added statistics on wallet’s value - (deposits - withdrawals) and they could be updated regularly.

 By the way, what i wish the platform to have is a general panoramic on profits over the time. Could you do that?