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Limit Number of Programs Per Page

wisper7 1 year ago in A problem with investment program • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 1

As the number of programs continues, it may be beneficial to give users the option to limit the number of programs displayed on a page. I don't think anyone would want to scroll down to #3000 anyways, and will probably filter the results before they do this. Giving the user an option to display 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Programs per page, and then having a link to navigate pages, may be better. This format is already used on almost every other web platform. This may, depending on how its implemented, save the user on load times, as they only have to load 10 programs rather than 3000. 

Under review

Thanks for your feedack! It will be implemented in the nearest future.