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● When investing in a manager, receive notification about the status of your investment:
1 - Accepted, inverted tokens.
2 - In queue, waiting tokens.
3 - Rejected, tokens not available.

- (insufficient and confusing color bar, necessary visual notification to avoid wasting time) -

● Tracking and notifications and favorite manager updates.

- (activity notifications, availability, manager's programs, changes, etc.) -

● Program notification completed.

 - (statistics, program profits etc ..) -

● Immediate recovery of tokens.

 - (manager with full capacity, availability of immediate inverted tokens, not at the end of the period, avoids loss of time and therefore money) -

● Color tokens availability bar with difficulty and insufficient information.

- (need for information when pressing the bar) -

● Inverter profile creation.

- (insufficient wallet menu, data, statistics, favorites, etc.) -

● 2FA security

● Filtering and ordering of movements (wallet).
 - (benefits, withdrawals, deposits, cancellations, etc. .. Currently insufficient) -

● Withdrawal of partial investment.

- (currently only available full withdrawal) -

● Programs menu, add to the filter:
1. Tokens available.
2. Number of investors per manager.

● Synchronization between app / web in real time.
- (currently the data does not match). -

Under review

Thx for your feedback! Mostly of your ideas have been already accepted by our technical specialists, it means that we will enbody some of them in the nearest future! 

What do you mean about synchronization between app / web in real time? Could you specify the question?

the amount of tokens in the programs do not match between app / web

in Android or iOS version?

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