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When are new symbols added? (Genesis Markets)

moontrading 8 months ago in A problem with MetaTrader • updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 months ago 3


When/how are new listings added to GM?

For example I just transfered some ETH to GM and was looking to buy QKC but didn't find it (Iisted beginning of June at binance).

I thought maybe binance didnt have an ETH-market for it(they do) so exchanged those ETH to BTC on GM, but there was neither any QKCBTC-symbol on GM.
Guess I'll buy more GVT for now.

This is the most relevant post I found, and doesn't really answer my question.

Dont find any edit.

Anyway, also:

When I'm trading on my ETH-account, BTC-charts currently open in mt5 doesn't seem to update and vice-versa. I have to log into the BTC for the btc-charts to show. I don't remember this always being the case but maybe it was. Should be a workaround for this as the charts come from the same place, but I understand why you wouldn't be able to show both charts on one specific account.

Guess you can only edit for a certain amount of days.

Anyway I'd love to be able to see all charts from one account. One of the few benefits of using GM at this stage is the ability to have it all at one place, right?

What bothers me is that I can not view the BTCETH-pair whilst at my ETH-account. So current positions at a loss in ETH, is actually in profit in terms of fiat/btc - but there is no simple way for me to see that.

I'd have to open up tradingview in a browser or change accounts for that - Which I usually do, but I'd assume those that really do want to use MetaTrader would like to be able to watch any charts within it without logging into a different account/platform.

Under review

Dear moontrading,

Thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing your suggestion to add charts.

We appreciate your feedback.

Genesis Vision Team