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gulcan kılıç 8 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 months ago 1

1. The purchase and sale condition for the GM Genesis Market project must be made only with GVT coin. BTC-ETH. This is the GM that will make it special. People are opening the site and buying and selling with GVT None. Interesting and absurd. This creates distrust in the project. Do not misunderstand what I write, do not misunderstand me, do not misunderstand me.

2. The Genesis Vision BETA series is said to be alive in October 2018, but this time it will be BETA TEST, it will be a tournament, do not test, do not lose time, do not get tired in BETA series. Do not test like ALFA in BETA phase, end these tests beforehand. Our tools broker manager says there are 300 brokers, but 300 brokers do not have their voices where they are, these brokers must work as soon as possible and be included in the system.

Under review

Dear gulcan kılıç

Thank you for the feedback. We will keep your suggestion in mind regarding the pairs to be used or traded.

Genesis Vision Team