Supporting staking pools like VET

Garrick 8 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 2

I am not sure if you guys are aware, but VeChain offers incentives to addresses that hold more VET Tokens by creating more VTHO tokens the more VET is held. Currently, there is no system (that i am aware of) for common people to pool there funds together with trust that their tokens wont be stolen. 

Just an idea, but maybe you could create a system that would allow people to pool their funds for benefits like this in the future. It seems like most of the infrastructure required is already in place. It would definitely increase the use case of the GV platform as I am sure VeChain wont be the last to create these incentives.


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Dear Garrick

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your feedback.

Genesis wants to be unique and bolster a certain principle and even though the idea seems nice, we might consider it but not in the near future.

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Genesis Vision Team