Create a subscription feature that allows traders & investors who lead others on forums or who sell courses to verify their profits to their followwers

Derek 4 weeks ago in Other • updated by FannieMitchell 2 weeks ago 1

On social media there are a ridiculous amount of unqualified people who are "crypto OGs" or "veteran traders" that have a significant amount of followers that they sell courses to and there are a lot of accounts on there of people who claim to be managers for different types of investment opportunities but they are most always not what they say they are and many are straight up fraudulent. In my eyes, a great feature to add to the GV platform would be to use GV's blockchain technology to start a feature that is sold for a monthly/yearly subscription that tracks all trades that these leaders and entrepreneurs say they are getting. It would be a good feature to have to weed out all the losers and frauds who have a large following and profit off of their following and also would be good because GV can make money off of the subscriptions that they sell. It would be similar to other tracking software like profit.ly that Tim Sykes uses but it would be on the blockchain and immutable and so we will be able to truly see who is legit and who is not.

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