Showcase Closed Investment Programs on User Profiles (Bitkolik)

HedgeBitcoin 1 month ago in A problem with investment program • updated 2 weeks ago 7

For the sake of transparency of the Asset management industry, the previously closed programs whether profitable or at a loss needs to be showcased under the users profile for the good and bad. 

It came to my attention that one trader lost 180 GVT tokens , collected a 4% Entry fee, closed the program and restarted a new program. The Old program does NOT show under the users profile and the link to the old Closed program can only be found if you knew the name of the program. 

This creates many issues going forward. 

please ensure that all closed programs stay under the users profile at all times. 

Under review

Hello dear Client,

Thank you for your feedback, we will transfer it to the team. They will work on this issue.

Best regards,

Genesis Vision Team.


Upvoted, this is certainly an issue. Might I suggest that entry fees only be available above a certain level? Perhaps only success fees should apply on the lowest tiers


Dear Client,

I will transfer this suggestion to the team also. Thank you!

Best regards,

GV Team

When will this feature be added? 

The suggestion says "Completed", But feature do not work yet

Dear Client,

Apologies for misunderstanding, status has been changed. The information has been transferred to our team, but unfortunately, I don't have any timeframes regarding this. 

Best regards,

GV Team