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Level system alternative /2

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From Bitkolik on tg:
1. I believe the leveling system should be changed.
- Genesis vision is an investment platform, not a competition platform. In the present system, the managers are forced to compete with each other. Consequently, the manager who does not take high risks, will have difficulties to win the competition against the one who take high risks. In this case, investors are more likely to face with high percentage of loses.
- Every program should be independent and every manager should try to make his/her program profitable with only his/her own strategy. They should not be compared with other programs because the content of every program is different from each other. Leverage, fx markets, crypto market, main capital of the program and the amount of managed funds are different. It is not realistic to measure and sort the success of the programs only according to percentage results.
- A leveling system should be considered, like it was in alpha, that every program is independent and has special interior rules.

2. The investment limits of managers should be rearranged according to their levels.
-The limits should be in dollar not in gvt.
- Limits should be defined to managers not to the programs. The managers can use this limit to create as many programs as they want. I mean, if they open 100 programs for instance, they sould not be able to exceed the limit.

3. The personal fund obligation of the manager.
- the ratio of the manager fund should be in a reasonable level compared with the investors. For example, in al level 4 program, the amount of fund of the manager shoul not be only 50 gvt. If the manager would not provide the necessary fund, they should not level up. As the limits of managers increase, amount of the personal fund they manage should increase. This caution will prevent the managers to trade with almost zero personal risk with only investors money and they behave in a way that they realize the fact that every trade will influence them-ir personal money too.
4. Protect the investors against managers.
- None of the investor should invest more fund than the managers own fund in a particular program.
- For example, if manager's fund is 50 gvt, the max limit a single investor should not exceed 50 gvt . If they invest 700 gvt of their own, a single investor can invest 700 gvt and close the program. I think i made my self clear.
In this case, the risk will be shared equally with manager and investor."

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