Trying to understand the Funds section- profit display and charts

yeatesy2018 3 months ago in A problem with the dashboard • updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 months ago 1

I created a new fund but when i request an all time display it shows up as having a 79% draw down. The fund is only a couple of days old and hasn't had such a draw down.( hasn't had a 22% rise on the monthly either) it is also showing a history from Oct 18.which i feel is incorrect as i think it should only display the history/results from fund inception date Other peoples funds created recently also are showing the same. Which makes me think that everybody's profit % and charts in the funds section are not a reliable indication of how the different funds are currently doing or have done since they were started..

Under review

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Thank you for noticing this issue, I have transferred all information to our IT department and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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