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irescaldieraro 3 months ago in A problem with traders' rating • updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 months ago 1

I would like to provide another suggestion for the level system.

As was posted here the within-month competition makes managers to make very risky bets as a way to outdo other managers.  If you look anything about order statistics (check your mathematical statistics book) if there is a sufficient number of managers that make risky bets, no slow-and-steady kind of manager would be able to level up.

What I suggest is that the leveling could be multi-criteria (like a Google page rank):

  1. As posted by other members of the community, the level system could consider the amount of their own money a manager invests.  Having skin in the game is always helpful to diminish the incentive to face too much risk.
  2. The system could of course consider the performance within the month (as it is right now).
  3. But the system could also consider long term performance.  For instance, x% weight given to current month performance plus (100-x)% weight given to the last three months (or even last year or all-time) performance. 

Under review

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