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Decreasing Success fee and entry fees (adjustable)

HedgeBitcoin 3 weeks ago in A problem with investment program updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 weeks ago 1

The ability to decrease the fees on programs could be a valuable feature for managers to entice investors to join their programs.

When the manager first created the program maybe the fees were in line with the competition however months later the competition (good managers with lower fees)  could be doing better with lower fees. The manager should have the option to decrease the fees at the period END.

Increasing fees shouldn't be allowed because it wouldn't be fair for investors who alright allocated funds under those conditions. 

Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will transfer it to our management.
Please be informed that at the moment you can lower entry and success fees by sending an official request to [email protected] from your manager's email.

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Genesis Vision Team