Top level managers should have a cap of much more than 1,000,000

cryptowarrior 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 8

With a max of only 1,000,000, you would need thousands of top level managers for this platform to take off. max for a top level should be more on the terms of 100,000,000. 

People may come in with millions to invest and they are forced to split it between managers. 


also, lets say the medium term marketcap target is 4 billion, you would need 4000 top level managers to get us to that point. (plus or minus given other factors that affect price).


Just thinking like this is bad economics


Please check the whitepaper first.

As this platform is in Demo mode, the tiers are different then after it will go live.

As stated in the whitepaper, tier 7 will be 100.000.000$ and it's not said that this is the final tier level, maybe it can be increased after time. Let's see

Also the trading period in the demo state is much shorter then after go live.


I have read the whitepaper but I was told by many that was a typo. Should be 1,000,000 and not 100,000,000. Also, see this blog post written after the whitepaper (3rd to last paragraph). https://blog.genesis.vision/becoming-a-gv-manager-729c2d75d9fa

But ya I agree they would have to be transparent in changing the max amount of management funds to accommodate demands. 


They can just introduce more levels. Level 8 could be 5 million, level 9 10 million etc etc


More levels can be introduce in time. This is a detail for now.

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! When we notice a necessary to add this, we will definitely make it.