tournament issue with 100k buys - system cannot close, mt5 = invlaid volume

ryan 3 years ago in A problem with MetaTrader updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 4

bought 100k tron by hedging several 10k orders.

when it came to closing i had to do the reverse as mt5 cannot compute such a high volume of tron.

failed over web

had to do on mobile

Also numbers below a certain amount are rounded down so u can be 0.000001111 profit but it shows 0 I'm mt5 app


Thanks for your feedback! We're searching the answer.

any update, not really trading those low sat coins as they are too hard to buy and sell, bit annoying...

is this something that has been carried over to GM? ie to sell 1.7 btc will i have to do 2 orders of 10000.00 and 7000.00 volume to be able to trade usdt?