cant deposit funds to trading account - GM internal transfer

ryan 3 years ago in A problem with the web version updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 2

for some reason i cannot deposit funds to my trading account on GM:

and also you cannot see the error behind the help section on the site so had to click it multiple times:

now ive got to spend 0.005btc to send it to binance.... cheers


ruslan, aleksey and team sorted within 15 minutes. top team as always. cheers

Satisfaction mark by ryan 3 years ago

couldnt create another account to try against either


Dear Mr. Ryan,

Thank you very much for the post, and we appreciate your feedback.

Since we would like to treat your case with high importance and urgency, can you please send us an email to [email protected] using the same e-mail registered. 

Also, we would be glad if you can describe step by step what happened until the point you got that error.

Your issue is a priority to us.

Best regards,