This is why you should allow investors to choose longer investment periods if they wish so.

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Here I have posted a detailed math on how investors are almost guaranteed to actually lose money when investing in small trading period programs.


Please thoroughly consider this example. I think investors should be aware of this possibility. 

And even if someone chooses a longer trading period there is an extremely high possibility of abuse by resetting trade periods too frequently.


That's for stating the company stance. I understand investors should do their own research and manage their risk.

But there are still certain aspects of my post that need to be addressed. Maybe I should post them all in separate topics.

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Dear sarged,

Thank you very much for your article. This is against the beliefs of our company to influence an investor's decisions when choosing a program to invest in. But you are free to share your opinion with our community in Telegram if you wish, to discuss your ideas there.

Best regards,
GV Team