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The disclaimer for non us citizens also says "I am not THE US citizen". It should read "A US citizen." 

This could also be percentage based limits. Basically, one person could not fund 100% of a manager. If a person with deep pockets takes up 100% of the top manager's funds forever, this will negatively impact mass adoption as people with smaller bags will  be forced to use lower returning managers. While I don't think hard caps should be put in place, I also don't think someone should be able to buy all 100%. Maybe meet in the middle somewhere, where no one person can own more than 25% of a manager's tokens? But what's keeping them from just creating another account though. This may just not be a solvable problem, and until a manager reaches a high enough level we'll just have to live with it.

I'm guessing this would be like in an exchange's order page, where you have options to invest 10%, 20%, 50%, 75%, 100%. This quickly allows you to kind of gauge how much you're putting in, and how much you have left, based on how confident you are in the manager. 

I have also noticed that the 'Avg Profit' is only counting periods where profit was taken. When I scroll through programs, and see a manager with average profit of 8%, I think 'I should invest in this guy!'  But in reality, hes had 10 reporting periods, and only one of the days actually had profit. The average SHOULD be the average profit hes had since he began managing, and what I would have if I invested in every one of his cycles. Instead of 8%/1, it should be 8% / 10, and thus a much much lower average profit. This would show that if I invest in his program, I am more likely to get a 0 profit period than a 8% profit period.

Heres another instance where average profits do not seem accurate.

If Total profits is negative, average profits should also be negative.

This is on the web version.

I'm at a point right now where I have no idea where about 40 of my GVT went lol

I believe with long term usage the 'when lambo' traders will sink to the bottom and not be successful. However, there should be a way for professional managers to display their company title as well if they ARE affiliated with one.

I agree. I clicked the 'invest' button on a program that wasn't enabled (whatever that means!!!!!!!), like 5 times before I realized it was greyed out. Just remove the button entirely if it isn't available!