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i dont wish to put my email on a feedback forum. please just check your emails

patience is key, u need to be looking for managers who have token availability and not much time left on their trading period.

thanks dude, would of been good of support to have explained that.

this doesnt require an specific time limit, its simple = u cannot trade crypto after 4pm on a saturday or sunday GMT

agree, a manager doesnt need a torrent of messages throwing them off the game

Doesn' need clunk ware added. Online tutorials will do

did that and no response. profile is still 0 gvt after closing program

nor 4pm on sunday??

crypto is 24/7!!!

pathetic why grass on whats being discussed in telegram to the dev team, id say lets give them the feedback they need re the platform so they can improve it and release a live product but clearly too many emotions involved here, even a -2 on my comment would suggest people feel a better use of the dev teams time is to clean up the mess that they assigned admins to avoid in the first place. sigh

great use of the dev teams time reading this...