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yes and no, at some point you want to be able to select managers who trade in a specific market only... or select managers who take little or big risks... etc.. there should be some kind of benchmarking system which compares manager A to manager B

I understand your frustration but the demo isn't a waste of time when people are getting pissed off when using the platform.

This, and also once we can see where our GVT is we should also be able to have a clear overview as to how much profit/loss we did make with a particular program (Dollar-wise & GVT-wise). I think its important that the user can see this clearly, the problem I foresee is the following:

People invest for example 30 GVT, the manager makes 10% profit during the trading period, during the trading period the price of GVT grows with 20%. Investors (Especially people who are newly attracted to the platform) won't understand that they put in 30 GVT, their chosen manager makes profit, but they get less GVT back. That's why I think its important users can monitor the GVT worth of their investment anytime so people get less dissapointed.

i agree with this, ideally investors would have a summary of amount invested and current value in gvt and maybe dollars.

Currently as an investor i’m totally lost on the platform and haven’t got a clue where my coins are.