Your comments

Some nice suggestions!

It will also be useful to have -

  • a toggle button (underneath the chart and above the dashboard) to switch the timescale between 'All-Time' & '1D'. This should then update the timelines for the (a)chart, (b)portfolio's profit, and (c)individual programs' profit.        
    -In the correct colors of course :) 

  • a feature to switch the profits between nominal values and percentages (maybe when clicking on the portfolio profit value itself)

...and to be able to filter on this field will be great.

About can also contain a 'Share App' link and the version of the app.

Managers should be able to set what asset classes the program invests in as attributes. This can then be an extra field to filter / search on.

I like your idea and agree. My point was more about how to incorporate all the functionality in one application/site instead of a separate site (

Thinking of myself who is always on the move and will probably use the mobile app 99% of the time. 


Thanks David. I've been a software engineer for 16 years working on financial trading systems. If only the time and the opportunity - I would work on this project and help for free. I really believe that this is going to be huge if they can pull it off. 

This could almost be incorporated into the managers profile page. Maybe if the profile page has multiple tabs. 

For instance (not necessarily with these tab names) - 

Tab 1 - Profile

  • A cover page with all their personal info, details of the team, strategy, photos, links, videos, etc.

Tab 2 - Results

  • All the program's statistics and graphs. The amount of investors, etc

Tab 3 - Trading History

Tab 4 - Comments

  • A section to make it more interactive where investors can have discussions regarding the program or ask questions to the manager. (the manager can moderate his own comment section)