Web version vs mobile version "dashboard"

topias.kayhko 2 weeks ago in A problem with the dashboard • updated 2 weeks ago 1

Hello! For some reason, in the web version "dashboard" section i can still see my old investment programs along with the active ones. In the mobile version they are clearly separated in "archived" - section. For now, it is very confusing in the web version, because they are not even in a specific order, the active programs are just randomly scattered amongst the archived ones. Hope i made myself clear. 

Keep up the good work ! :)


Hey! And also this might bother a little bit. No matter how I update, the "0 seconds left" doesnt go away. If i recall correctly, I have had this issue before and it might take hours if not whole day to get rid of the "0 seconds" and then it would show the correct time; for example 6 days etc. Thanks