Trades History Update Suggestion

eugenie9 5 months ago in A problem with investment program • updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 months ago 1

Hey, I've been testing the platform for a while, and as far as I can see, the trades are not showed with the delay. They are listed under the program right after the orders are filled. There is a possibility of making a copy trade with bots. This might not seem as an issue right now but when there will be lots of manager, we may see top 10% with almost same percent profits.

What I suggest is: ongoing trades and closed trades tab should be created.  The current position status should be shown without any coin name or price.

Like this :


CoinName SellPrice Profit BuyPrice
GVTBTC 0.00109 3.2% 0.001058
BRDBTC 0.00056 7.1% 0.000523

With this way, investors can easily see the general situation,  and the managers cannot claim that his / her transactions are copied and deliberately damaged.


Dear Client,

Thank you very much for the feedback! We already have plans for hiding the opened trades.

Best regards,

GV Team