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Great idea, 10% is aggressive but need of the hour to push GVT for adoption. We need GVT token to appreciate for Platform adoption and that's the truth 

Let's do it asap, please

why is it difficult to understand one term


The proposal is, GV platform to keep some moving CASH/BTC aside to do these on-demand conversions for investors who really want to cash out instantly. By doing this there is no need for the platform to sell those GVT in exchanges and Platform can, later on, sell them in exchange without creating sell pressure. 

Well good luck with that as I dont see any of those helping in appreciating GVT token value greatly 

 Fee reduction
- anyone other than manager using it now?? I doubt that , i would better invest 1000GVT worth in another program than getting 1% HUGE discount. Thats not worth locking my dear friend, Holding BTC would give me better gains

  • Referral program - again not sure how this will greatly help in appreciating GVT token value 
  • GV Follow - this will have same issue that investor getting paid in GVT . isnt this contradict this requirement. Holy sh*t
  • Quarterly burn - not going to help in appreciating GVT token value. reducing 1% of total circulating supply will take few years from now even if price stays at $1.  if GVT token price increases to >$5 or so, then forget it
  • Fund allocation - 1% you need 10,000 or more funds to really see some action on GVT token price.  
  • All these are very hypothetical

    you missed the main point here and that is 

    Platform to use "Reserved Cash/BTC" for instant conversion instead of selling it in exchange. if that's implemented then I don't see any reason for not giving profit in GVT. it might happen that the investor does not sell GVT instantly as he sees some gains in holding it. 

    can someone explain why GVT will not become worthless after implementing this??? and how the platform is going to help in appreciating GVT token value ???