Social media integration

Alex 9 months ago in Other • updated by Ryan Goldberg 5 months ago 3

Investors and managers should have a quick way to share their recent performance to social media like Twitter and Facebook. It should work the same way social media share buttons work on other websites.

The benefit of this lies in word-of-mouth marketing. People will post their success to social media which then will attract other people to the platform.

Under review

Design of program overview page (mobile)

Justin 1 year ago in Other • updated by othehe 7 months ago 7

Made a, not pixel perfect, quick mockup for the mobile version. I think it's better to create a "tiled" design for mobile to separate the traders instead of a line. I think it's easier for the eye. Not included the graph for now.

Also added a filter for instruments and an search icon for which you can use to search a program with a text input.

Under review

The perfect solution for GVT token - proposal.

E.S 2 months ago in Other • updated by Anonymous 2 months ago 3

My proposed solution for the token use case issue of GVT

Basic idea:

Make GVT like ETH is used as gas, for any investment made by any currency.

How will it work:

As investor - I will deposit for example BTC. When I want to invest in a manager, fund, or copy trading - 

  1. I pay with BTC (or any base currency),
  2. I pay gas with GVT, which is calculated with respect to BTC (or any base currency, meaning the gas is paired differently for each coin depending on their rate in the open markets).
  3. I earn profits in BTC (or any base currency)

Managers are also paid their base currency.

Why will everyone be happy with this solution?

  1. It gives GVT an actual use case. This use case will make GVT value rise with perfect match to their use case.
  2. The buy sell pressure on GVT is not anymore relevant and doesn’t have to worry anyone. The reason for this is that GVT is only used as gas and not as an investment coin that needs to be traded in and out for distribution periods.
  3. Investors are happy - they can invest any coin and earn profits with this coin
  4. Managers are happy - they earn any currency they prefer and it usually is better for them if they trade it.
  5. GVT holders (including the team) are happy - the investment was good.

This solution solves one more important issue which is conversion slippage! WOOHOO

With this solution the team can focus on integrating more and more instruments, and not having any issues bringing users to use the platform.

Thank you,



Add a probability bubble showing chance of investment request being accepted by a manager, bubble will change due to position on waiting list and increase decrease as chances improve or not

ryan 1 year ago in Other 0

Add a probability bubble showing chance of investment request being accepted by a manager, bubble will change due to position on waiting list and increase decrease as chances improve or not

Under review


Anonymous 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

1) It would be great to know where our tokens are... right now, I don't know if my tokens are actively being traded or if they're waiting to be accepted. 

2) Notifications when requests get denied or accepted would be great. 

3) Lastly, knowing how much we have invested in a manager would make sense. I know how much money I have with a manager, but I don't easily know which amount I initially put it.


Under review

Give more details on gvt balance: Available/Pending investment/Invested/Total

c.digiola 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 3

It is quite confusing to see only the available balance. It feels like some gvt were lost  :p


Managers should have their full name or company name as their title, those with random names or names like "when lambo" should not be able to be a manager

Ace 1 year ago in Other • updated by mrmojorisin 7 months ago 8

The platform will loose credibility if no vetting is done on the managers.

Investors should be able to report managers with inappropriate names.

Under review

Add cryptocurrency tracking portfolio alike to the GV app

elCryptoNerd 9 months ago in Other • updated by anonymous 6 months ago 2

Is it possible that a Cryptocurrency tracking portfolio function could be added to the GV app?

If the function was there, I would not need to use Delta/Blockfolio anymore, I could do everything I need to do from within the GV App,

This would also be beneficial, as I could see the fluctuating value of my coins held elsewhere, combined with my current investments on the GV platform. Without this function I would have to flick between the two apps and manually total up.

I think it would be a great feature, you could even add PRO/premium features and charge a monthly fee in GVT/BTC!

Under review

Visibility and Notification

giffen.derek 1 year ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

This seriously needs an additional tab showing exactly where my gvt is, where it has been successfully invested, where it is waiting to be invested, how long until it might be invested, with active notifications and alert as to what has happened and is waiting to happen. If there isn't 100% clarity on one single page where my entire GVT balance is, waiting to be invested or otherwise already invested then the confidence just isn't there. Clarity and simplicity thats what is needed. No doubt the information is all in there, but it most definitely isn't in a simple overview form on a single page for the investor to see

Under review

Restrict the amount of programs a manager can have

elCryptoNerd 1 month ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 month ago 1

Restrict this based on level or performance,

As noted by invested here: