More info needed about managers

Marie 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 7

- their style of investing etc, needs to be more professional - I would't trust half of those with stupid pics and text. It should be bullet pointed with the same info for each one which can be easily read - for example - 

*Trading experience

*Trading style

*'why should you invest in me:

that sort of thing


Thank you for your kind recommendations.

We will consider expanding the settings and filling the manager's profile. Thank you for helping us to improve the platform!

Under review


John Karl 1 year ago in Other updated by HedgeBitcoin 1 year ago 13

Lately, Hedgebitcoin suggested a a new feature "AutoJoin" if the manager hits the stopout. Any investor that has this feature activated would join automatically if the stopout is reached.

I've had it happen recently. A program hit the 10% stopout and I got kicked out of the program, which is good for most people. But I believe in the manager and would like to never lose my spot unless I want to.

Is this possible?

Under review

Add funds automatic selling/buying

E.S 1 year ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 1 year ago 2

If I have 10 coins in a fund, and one mooned by 40%, I think it’s cool to have the option for it to automatically sell, and split the returns between the rest of the coins.

An the other side, give the option to automatically buy a coin that went down. For example the fund manager cares for ETH, but he thinks it’s currently overpriced. So he can adjust the setting to buy it with 10% once it reaches a certain price.

Lastly, add stop loss for coins in the fund.

This approach adds a trading bot feeling to the funds, making them much stronger than just choosing assets.


Manager ETFs

JFG 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 1

Not sure if you are planning this or not, but I think it would be cool if when using the new ETF feature you could integrate manager tokens as well. I would personally like to buy ETFs of groups of managers so I could condense 5 or more really good managers into one token. 


Platform needs to be more Responsive

Mad3nCh1na 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 3

This is not related to any one specific function of the platform,  but overall the interaction between the investor and the platform needs to be much more responsive. We want to have immediate feedback on what is going to happen with our GVT or $$$. 

When we click something, or do something, we want to have immediate feedback. As a trust management platform, waiting for so long with out certainty what will happen does not add trust and credibility.

EVERYTHING that involves an investors $ or GVT, needs to be as fast and responsive as possible. Whether it is investment entry, profit distribution, or profit reporting.


Show total profit in USD

cryptowarrior 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 4

As said in the title.


Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. It is forwarded to the technical team.


Non accepted request to invest by managers should display some info message

Hudak E 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 3

I have requested many investments into traders but i dont know whats happening, if they didnt accepted my request, there should be some message at the Requests page saying "Manager didnt accepted your investment request yet"


Thank you for your feedback. It is forwarded to our development team.


Large number should have commas for better readability

Kyle Bischof 3 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 2

When displaying large number, commas or some sort of punctuation should be used for better readability of the numbers. Large numbers become hard to read quickly if there is no punctuation. Especially if more manager tiers open up and allow even larger numbers. 

Example: $1,234,567.00 vs $1234567.00 


Hello Kyle!

Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward it to the technical team.

Under review

BNB and BUSD wallets for deposit / WIthdrawal

TradingToolCrypto 8 months ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 8 months ago 1

These networks are faster and cheaper than what is available today.  It only makes logic sense to support these native binance assets since we all use binance. 

Under review

Top Managers Copytrading Fund

elCryptoNerd 2 years ago in Other updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 1

Is it possible to create a fund made up of copytraders, for example:

'Top 5 Copy Trading Programs'

'Top 3 Low Risk Programs'

‘Best of the last 30 days’

‘Top 5 Forex’

Under a separate tab to normal 'funds' could be 'Copytrading Funds'