English mistake on the website

Randan 6 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 months ago 3


Under the "Investor" heading on the website it says: "they choose investment program".

It should read: "they choose an investment program".


Supporting staking pools like VET

Garrick 8 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 2

I am not sure if you guys are aware, but VeChain offers incentives to addresses that hold more VET Tokens by creating more VTHO tokens the more VET is held. Currently, there is no system (that i am aware of) for common people to pool there funds together with trust that their tokens wont be stolen. 

Just an idea, but maybe you could create a system that would allow people to pool their funds for benefits like this in the future. It seems like most of the infrastructure required is already in place. It would definitely increase the use case of the GV platform as I am sure VeChain wont be the last to create these incentives.



gulcan kılıç 9 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 2

1. people have suffered so much damage from MT5-MTR or FOREX sites that they have been tortured from past times and FOREX terms and investments.

2. For this reason, GENESIS MARKET (GM) should not be made compatible with forex sites. Civil, everyone must be open, a normal site. Because people are uncomfortable with FOREX word and sites, and most of the people who are disturbed are FOREX-enemy and KRYPRO money lover, so they are affiliated to FOREX-MT5-MT4 sites and never buy and sell.

3. ARBITRATION is forbidden for forex software and normal, simple, exchange through a stock exchange site, arbitrage must be done.

4. GENESİS VİSİON and GENESİS MARKET are two separate subjects. 2 different shopping sites and 2 goals, the ideal is very different. Please leave the forex head mentality.

5. GENESİS MARKET is a very different area, GENESİS VİSİON hefefi very different, you are making a big mistake. Each product GM and GV leave the same balance. Every 2 products have a different purpose. GM should definitely be a simple stock exchange site that is dissected through FOREX

Under review

Export the trades of managers for visual and presentational aid

moontrading 9 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 7 months ago 2

Dont know how easy something like this would be to implement but here goes:

A way for investors, managers, analytics and other bystanders trying to learn, to in a simple way export the trades of a manager, and import them to for example Tradingview (perhaps a strategy to put on your chart), MetaTrader5 (those buy-sell icons on the chart) maybe also excell. Maybe somehow the managers themselves would like some kind of a system for eventual tax-purposes.

This ofcourse is doable by hand if you have the skills to do so. I think the community at large could learn by this being implemented, analyzing managers trades, perhaps on top of their own methods. This could eventually lead to improved results, and even suggestions for improvements to a managers system (if there only was a perfect system already! ;)) 

Under review

Platform Name

CryptoZone 10 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

I think they should rename the Genesis Vision investment platform. Currently the name is just “Genesis Vision” app or trust management platform right? There’s no actual name?  How about “Genesis Vision Investment” or “Genesis Investment” or “GV Investment

Under review

Shorts and Longs for Trading

robust233 10 months ago in Other • updated 10 months ago 2

In the future, will Genesis Vision support the use of Shorts and Longs by traders? I think this would be of much help towards traders as it allows for high profit margins for investors. One thing to note, traders if using shorts or longs would be required to tell investors they are using shorts/longs as this trading strategy is extremely risk, but highly profitable. 

Under review

Add ''Back to Top'' Button

SsS 10 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

It would be better if you could add a ''Back to top'' button on the screen where we pick up managers. It's a bit annoying to scroll all the way up to go where we begin. Reddit has something like that (See the second image, at the bottom right of the screen)

Under review

Add tokens availability on a dashboard

Sergey Smirnov 10 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

Will GM allow leverage on any crypto?

ryan 10 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 1

with j2t you can do 1:5 Leverage I think via bitstamp for btc bch eth xrp and ltc.

Is this something that will be possible with gm/gv in the future?


Link to Genesis Markets on Manager Portal & GV Site

robust233 10 months ago in Other • updated by Genesis Vision Support 10 months ago 2

Managers on the GV Platform should be aware of Genesis Markets & site, while you'd think people would be aware of it that's not always the case. Genesis Markets is shown through the official twitter an other information channels, but not to the Manager Portal & GV Site to my knowledge. To address/fix this on the Manager Portal there should be a button like the Sign out (the rectangle) button (Doesn't have to be like Sign out Button) that sends the user to the Genesis Markets site because the Manager would be the one to utilize Genesis Markets. It'd be somewhere in the blue area I circled or somewhere else.

Manager Portal:

For the Genesis Vision Site (https://genesis.vision) there'd be a button or text that a user can click to send them to Genesis Markets to notify them of what it is if they weren't already aware of it and to utilize Genesis Markets (to possibly become a Manager). The Blue area where it would generally be or somewhere else. 

Genesis Vision Site: